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Shantui bulldozer

Shantui bulldozer

Shantui is the world’s undisputed King of the Hill in bulldozer production and sales.

For more than 30 years Shantui has led the industry in China and is by far China’s largest exporter of bulldozers. Indeed, Shantui bulldozers provided much of the construction muscle that drove China’s spectacular economic development over the past 30 years.

The bulldozer represents the top of the food chain in construction machinery, and as such, was a great place for Shantui to start. Today, the Company has spread its wings with a broadly diversified line of products covering nearly the entire gamut of construction machinery. But it was undeniably the bulldozer that paved the way for Shantui’s stunning rise in this rapidly growing global industry.

With bulldozers, Shantui does not rely entirely on its laurel as China’s Value Leader. In addition to providing higher performance for great value, Shantui bulldozers are simply known and appreciated by customers worldwide for their outstanding ability to get hard jobs done efficiently and with low cost. In other words, while they do not have all the bells and whistles of top foreign competitors, they can be counted on to do the actual work for much less cost. Owners and operators both appreciate a machine that can get the job done for less cost, and faster.

Moreover, Shantui dozers are easier to maintain, and in most cases can be repaired at the work site in a matter of hours, not days. The dozers are consistently heavier and more stable than their nearest competitors and are thus able to deliver great performance on the toughest of jobs. And, they have an incomparable safety record to boot. Another reason Shantui dozers are reliably tough for less money? Shantui itself makes all the structural parts, such as the undercarriage, tracks, buckets, roller sets, torque converters, transmissions and more. Indeed, Shantui sells these components to its Chinese competitors, giving it a clear edge on price for the final assembled product. Shantui builds dozers from scratch. It does not merely assemble them.

Another important feature of Shantui bulldozers is the offering of a broad range of types for different work environments. Shantui’s inventory includes specialized dozers for forests, swamps, deserts, highlands, power plants (coal e.g.), dams and ports, landfills and, of course, road construction of any type. Shantui also offers a variety of self-made blade types, cabins and rippers, along with a choice of top brand power plants.