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  • XCMG RP756 Asphalt Paver/Spreader

XCMG RP756 Asphalt Paver/Spreader

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  • XCMG RP756 Asphalt Paver/Spreader
  • XCMG official manufacturer RP756 asphalt concrete paver 

    Product Description

    1.Reliable drive system
    Efficient feed/ material distribution system
    Efficient control system
    Strong power system
    2.Advanced screed technology
    RP756 is a kind of new generation multifunctional paver. It is completely upgraded with new technology, featuring excellent performance, simple operation, and superior performance/price ratio. With the max. paving width of 7.5m, it is the optimal equipment for paving various kinds of materials for the construction of highways. The conveying system and material distribution system have extra large capacity and they are independently driven (from left/right), which can meet different construction requirements. In addition, it is more   to operate and it can achieve optimal paving effect under the most tough work environment.

  • Technical features
    1.Power drive technology: efficient and powerful 
    It is equipped with D6114 diesel engine which is water cooling and turbocharged, applicable to operations at plateau areas. 
    The cooling system adopts extra-large radiator, which ensures good heat dissipation even at high temperature environment.
    2.Material feeding/distribution technology: reliable and durable
    High capability of material distribution, large spiral pitch 360mmΦ420 large diameter distribution blade, 28BH reinforced drive chain, and the drive ability is 25% larger than similar products.
    The material distribution box and chain all adopt high strength design, high transmitted power, and the max. transmitted capability of the distribution shaft is 5000Nm. It can achieve all buried material distribution, which can greatly reduce the segregation.
    It adopts 2 reverse blades at the middle of the distribution bin, which can effectively eliminates the segregation belt in the middle.
    3.Control technology: stable and accurate
    The drive system adopts left/right independent drive, microcomputer control technology and constant speed automatic control technology, featuring good straight travel capability, which ensures stable speed and that the paving speed will not be affected by the load.
    The material level control adopts supersonic sensing technology, in addition to electro-hydraulic controlled conveying speed, which ensures automatic control of the height of mixed materials in front of the screed.
    The material distribution system adopt 2 sets of independent closed hydraulic circuit, featuring independent control and 2-stage proportional speed regulation.
    The automatic electronic leveling ensures high flatness; multiple sensing mode are available, high automation level, orifice plate and constant pressure technology all these ensures the stability of leveling cylinder speed.
    4.Screed technology: mature and reliable
    The most mature and reliable double vibrator gas heating screed.
    Stepless adjustable double vibrator frequency, applicable to various paving conditions.
    The screed lifting cylinder has floatation and lock up function, applicable to various paving materials and work conditions.
    It can be equipped with eccentric vibration device.

  • Performance advantages
    1.Excellent configuration
    The powerful heat dissipation system, supersonic material level control, automatic leveler, imported microcomputer control, travel reducer, hydraulic pump and key components, centralized lubrication system, wear resistant steel plate and bearing, etc.
    The bottom plate and protection device all adopt Germany imported extra wear resistant steel plate which is improved by 3 times in the wear resistance and greatly improves the life of bottom plate.
    The centralized forced heat dissipation has good effect; the specially designed extra-large combined radiator can work normally when the ambient temperature is 50ºC.
    2.Convenient maintenance
    The originally imported centralized automatic lubrication system greatly reduces the maintenance work and prolongs the life of bearings at the high temperature part, which improves work efficiency and saves maintenance time.
    The crawler undercarriage made up of maintenance-free supporting wheel and rubber track plate does not damage the road and it is durable.
    The triune travel drive device and side cover is convenient for maintenance.
    3.Convenient operation
    The centralized control has user friendly interface, and it is simple and reliable to operate. All the control elements are installed on the mobile instrument case. The seat can be extended outside of the cab, and there are two seats, which is comfortable and convenient to operate.
    The left/right material distribution device can move up and down quickly at the same time, which adapts to different paving thickness and the site transfer is quick and convenient.

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