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  • Reach Stacker
  • XCMG XCS45 45ton Container Reach stacker crane
  • XCMG XCS45 45ton Container Reach stacker crane
  • XCMG XCS45 45ton Container Reach stacker crane

XCMG XCS45 45ton Container Reach stacker crane

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  • XCMG XCS45 45 ton Container Reach Stacker Crane
  • XCS45 Reach Stacker Crane is a special equipment for container handling and stacking. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 45 tons and a stacking capacity of 5 layers. The product is flexible and efficient, and is widely used in ports, yards, container transfer stations and other places.

    The main highlights:

    1. Sensitive and accurate, efficient operation
    Based on the RTOS developed electrical control system, fast response and sensitive control.
    The flow sharing and displacement feedback compensation technology, vertical lifting technology, and high-precision weighing detection technology greatly increase the processing efficiency of containers.

    2. Safe and reliable, use peace of mind
    Excessive overreach and other limit conditions such as detection control, mechanical interlocking of the spin lock, bypass loop control, active safety protection and other technologies have greatly improved the product's operational safety performance.
    The original imported engine, transmission, drive axle and other industries top configuration, professional matching optimization and systematic evaluation test, 1000 hours of handling, stacking strengthening test, and effectively ensure the reliability of the product.

    3. Economic and environmental protection, saving costs
    Optimized matching proprietary hydraulic system, power transmission system, and free-wheel hydraulic torque converter, using 10% lower fuel consumption.

    4. Comfortable ride, easy to use
    Panoramic driver's cab, high-power air conditioning, exquisite human-computer interaction interface, high-definition reversing image, adjustable steering wheel and seat, people-oriented details of the design, driving comfort.

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